Our Company, through a multi-year experience since its foundation has collected excellent knowledge for iron, and being the precursor to the maintenance and continuation of traditional Greek models is ranked among the best companies in the area of decorations of iron parts. For many years, giving special importance to the quality we import and offer a large variety of multi-iron parts, as bayonets and elements of traditional railing, supporting wood, decorative motives, columns beaten by hammer , columns for scale and spiral staircase, which combine the resistance to the facade and practicality. Product from which are produced parts, makes our parts unbreakable and resistant to security. Also, the possibility that we have with various combinations of our items, we are able to achieve aesthetics that every our client wants for the purpose to satisfy every requirement of its own, this demonstrating professionalism and authenticity of our enterprise. In this space we present the full range of our parts to give a complete picture as full as possible.For more information visit us at our exhibition areas for the purpose to help you in your selection more exact.

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Our Products